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Conservtz is a Social Enterprise that advocates for Water conservation in Kenya. At Conservtz we are passionate about the conservation and wise management of water, be it rainwater, rainwater runoff or piped water for the economic growth of all. Conservtz uses media and communication products to support Water Conservation projects. 


Conservtz with like-minded partners aims at using knowledge-based research and technology to educate communities and work with them to conserve and manage water efficiently and effectively for their own benefit.

Tree Nurseries and Tree planting

Trees are one of the major ways the earth uses in trapping water deep into the earth. Tress help in recharging underground water sources.This project looks at involving school going children in the conservation of water. With the right information children are able to sustain a new behavior after they learn its importance to them and to the things that they love. The behavior we are introducing is the need to conserve waterby way of tree planting. Working with Muangeni primary school, Muangeni Secondary schools, the County Government of Makueni, Conservtz initiated a tree nursery and tree planting activities in the school. The same is set to be replicated to other schools in Makueni County. 

What We Do

Our work is geared towards educating communities and working with them to conserve water. Conservtz partners with schools, produces media content, planning media events that help in spreading the conservation message. Conservtz also participates in advocacy and policy implementation to conserve water. When it comes to water conservation, Conservtz understands the importance of water and how it affects, communities, economies and even national development. Conservtz is keen on partnering with institutions, companies and governments to address the need to conserve water.  Conserving water is paramount to conserving and maintaining creation as God intended.


"... with all thy getting get understanding".

Working with Schools as Water Conservation Partners

Education can make implementation of policy easy. When people understand why policy has to be followed it is easy for them to do so when it makes sense to them from their perspective. Education to future generations on benefits of conservation will help policy makers achieve their goals for having water conserved since future societies understand why. Education from a young age creates allies in future conservation efforts.

Schools and Community

Working with communities Conservtz work has been successful due to its approach of giving the community the lead in all it s projects. Conservtz has seen more opportunities come about due to this approach. Conservtz seeks to see water conservation become part and parcel of everybody's everyday life's decisions. 

Schools and Community

Water Conservation


Making Water Conservation Fun and Interesting

Conservtz seeks to make Water conservation fun and interesting. Mixing practical ways of water conservation with artistic expression and knowledge to make learning have a lifelong effect on the mind. Increasing intelligence for making planet earth a better place.

Ps 136:1

How we Work

  1. Plan media events that highlight the importance of water conservation and spur conservation action. "Events for Conservation".

  2. Initiating tree nurseries and tree farms in schools located in semi arid areas.

  3. Initiating water harvesting activities in schools and neighboring communities located in semi arid areas.

  4. Work with the media to initiate Media campaigns on the need to conserve water in rural and urban areas.

  5. Partnering with like minded organizations and local governments to conserve water by rain harvesting activities, advocacy and other knowledge based approaches.

School and parent participation

Working with parents and the school administration Conservtz has been able to maintain the tree nursery even when the school calendar had come to an end.  Parents were active participants of the project and encouraged their own children to participate in the project. The seedlings which were brought by the pupils exceeded the area designated for the tree nursery; therefore a plan is underway to expand the project.

Post Office: 19609-00100

Location: Riara Road, EAWLS


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Talk about WATER CONSERVATION with a Song and a Dance
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